Defender of the Month Hall of Fame (May 2021 - Feb 2022)

Say hello to our past Defenders of the Month!

We’ve switched to a new system now, but you can still say hello to a few of our Informed Defenders who went above and beyond within our community, and deserve to be showcased.

February 2022: Mariya Gul Khand

January 2022: Karanbir Sekhri

December 2021: Maiko Svandize

November 2021: Abhimanyu Kumar

October 2021: Randy Varela Cordero

September 2021: Marcus W. Johnson

August 2021: Jerome Luz

July 2021: Andrew Nash

June 2021: Ryan Williams

May 2021: Umberto Ottavianelli

Congratulations to all the rising stars @jrluz1290, @ryan.williams, @sokkaUMB, @andrew.nash! :partying_face:


Wow I feel like a MVP thanks for the Spotlight @jenni.opel


Thank you so much dear @mariya.gul.khand! I wish you that you will be next :partying_face: :slight_smile: :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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Congratulations ! @jrluz1290, @ryan.williams, @sokkaUMB, @andrew.nash!

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Thank you so much @pratutu, very kind :blush:

I feel so humbled being part of this esteem Hall of Fame, thanks AttackIQ!!

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Thank you for your kind words @sokkaUMB! :slight_smile:

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pumped to be part of this list…